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Lavi's Journal

10 August 1990
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Name: Lavi
Series: D.Gray-Man
Universe: Original
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Powers & Abilities: "Perfect memory" (allows for accelerated learning); the Innocence that resides in his hammer, Oodzuchi Kodzuchi allows for it to grow and extend at his command (it also destroys Akuma and at least harms Noah)
Appearance & Personality
Appearance: Lavi is about 5'10" with auburn-red hair and a single bright green eye. The other is constantly covered by an eyepatch, and when his hair's not in his face, it's kept back by a bandanna (his current one is black with a white butterfly-like outline on the side). He's almost always relaxed (or sleeping). He has a white scarf with him (because London is cold!) and is currently out of uniform (tight black undershirt, loose black top, white pants, dark brown pirate boots).
[Kinda like this... But with this top.]

Personality: Lavi is a man of many personalities, but his current one happens to be rather happy-go-lucky. He's described as "carefree" by many, and he likes to keep it that way. The truth is, though, he's got a lot going on inside his head, and not just the constant workings of his "perfect memory." He's recently found himself in a bit of a conflict between his duty as a Bookman and his duty as an Exorcist. Attachments are taboo for him, and he's been so good at pretending in the past, but now he's not sure what's real and what's for show, and with everything he knows, he's starting to become a bit withdrawn...
"Lavi" is not his first name, or his second or third. It's his 49th name. Since he was first taken under Bookman's wing, he has taken up and discarded 48 names before his current one, all for the sake of history.
Ever since he was young, all he's ever wanted was to know everything he could about the world. Bookmen seek to record history as it happens with an unbiased eye, and as such, are trained to detach their feelings and emotions from the situations they record.
Their duty to record history has led them to the Exorcists.
There is a constant struggle between the Exorcists and the Akuma, who are controlled by the Millennium Earl and the other Noahs. As these battles escalated, it became apparent that the fate of the world hung in the balance, and so Bookman and his apprentice joined the Exorcists in order to record these battles and the progression of the war from the front lines.
From the beginning, Bookman had made it clear to Lavi that this name, his 49th alias, would be the hardest for him, because they had no idea how long this war would last, and he would need to stay in one persona the entire time. At first, Lavi handled this quite nicely, as he usually did. Supervisor Komui understood their nature and worked around that, and as far as Lavi was concerned, everything was going fine. His carefree personality made him likable, and he was friendly on the surface.
By the time Allen showed up, however, Lavi had already found himself slowly slipping - he didn't have a fine line between "Lavi," the persona, and "Bookman," the person. And situations where he was only supposed to survive and not interfere, found him protecting others, not just himself, because they protected him, too. Allen only exacerbated the situation.
As the prophesied "destroyer of time," Lavi was eager to watchdog Allen and record his progress, and thus spent a lot of time around the younger boy. But instead of just watching, Lavi taught him, as well. Being an official Exorcist longer than Allen, Lavi was the first person to teach Allen that nobody was to be trusted, because a friend one day might be an Akuma the next.
While his interactions with Allen show friendship, it's also understood by Bookman that this was Lavi's way of doing things, but to everyone else, they actually believe him. By the time they lost Allen, Lavi had attached himself more to the boy than he'd like to admit, and in the face of Lenalee's depression, he showed anger and more emotion than a self-respecting Bookman should, and Bookman reprimands him for it.
After that, it's gone downhill, but at the worst of it, when Allen returns and their group is pulled into the crumbling Ark, Bookman isn't even there to keep his apprentice in line. During the fight against Jasdero and Debitto, Lavi uses his abilities explicitly to help them win the fight. Against Road, however, she uses his memories against him inside his own head, and his personalities (manipulated by Road) make it apparent that he, Lavi, does not know where "Lavi" ends and "Bookman" begins, that "Lavi" and all the emotions attached to it, is rooting itself into his very person, and by doing so, he is giving up what it means to be a Bookman, which had been his dream since a very young age.
After that whole ordeal, the headquarters is infiltrated by a Noah while the Exorcists are still recovering. Lavi, who's weapon was broken in the Ark along with Kanda's, disregards his own safety in order to help fight the Akuma and the Noah - he disregards his duty as a Bookman (which is, ultimately, to survive and record) in order to go above and beyond the duty of an Exorcist (because nobody was expecting weapon-less Exorcists to join in such a dangerous battle).
Because their headquarters had been compromised, the Black Order was forced to move to a new location in London. Allen, along with Komui, Lenalee, and a handful from the science department, made the initial trip, so Allen could set up the Ark (which Cross had shown him that he could control it), so that they could bridge the old and new headquarters while they moved. This first trip, Lavi and Bookman came through the Ark once it was set up, and claimed it was for Bookman business. It turned out that the Church (which the Black Order is subjugate to) was suspicious of Allen, and Cross had agreed to tell them all the truth of why Allen, an Exorcist, could control a product of the Noahs. It was for this that Lavi was there, in order to record what was said and done inside the room.
After this, Lavi isn't seen around much...
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